Okanagan Winery List

The North Okanagan, BC’s wine region grows wines for every taste: white wine, red wine and dessert wine, oh so sweet. Wines may be enjoyed on a patio restaurant by the lake, surrounded by vineyards or at home from a bottle purchased at a winery's wine shop.

Taste the Sweet Okanagan Winery Experience near Vernon, BC, Canada:

Four Generations of Winemaking Commitment
Gray Monk Estate Winery
1055 Camp Road
Okanagan Centre, BC V4V 2H4
Gray Monk Estate Winery, the oldest family-operated winery in BC, offers wine tours and wine tastings Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Heiss family’s menu of white, red, sweet dessert, and other wines may be sipped in the vineyard or at the winery's Grapevine Restaurant. Wine lovers may buy Gray Monk Estate Winery wines at the Wine Shop and sip them at Okanagan wine festivals. More Info